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Facts about Shazam

Chris Barton came up with the break-through idea for Shazam while living in London
Shazam was created a full eight years before apps even existed
Shazam was started before the iPhone, the iPod, and even iTunes
Professors from MIT and Stanford said that inventing our algorithm was impossible
One famous venture capital firm told us “I don’t see why anyone would ever use this”
Shazam almost went bankrupt several times over six years until finally the iPhone App Store launched
Shazam had to build a vast music database from scratch starting from CDs
Shazam completely reinvented its business model more than four times
Over the years Shazam also built many cool features that failed
Shazam is the first AI product launched in history to have become mass consumer
Shazam defeated huge copycat competitors including Google, Sony, and Philips
To this day Shazam dominates music recognition and has become a verb
Shazam investors include Richard Branson, Ashton Kutcher and Carlos Slim
Shazam’s board included the founder of MTV
“Beat Shazam” is the only game show hosted by an academy award winner
Shazam’s music database has more songs than Spotify
Shazam also powers music recognition within Siri and Snapchat
The word “Shazam” means to “conjure magic”
Shazam is one of very few products that many people remember the first time they used
Every single month about eight million people download Shazam
Shazam is the largest recognized brand ever acquired by Apple